Purpose of this blog


I have been thinking for a while that I should resurrect my personal blog for several reasons:

  1. I realised recently while coaching some of the team at SpiderGroup, that over 17 years I had gained some useful knowledge that could be shared further afield
  2. Andrea Sexton said I should as I always tell her stuff that is useful and I should “get it out there”
  3. It will server as a good place to store things that are useful and I want to remember
  4. I am working on a project with a few others to encourage and engage, through Minecraft the children that mine three children go to


A mixture of text, audio, video, how to guides, ramblings and links to other useful information

How often?

Not sure, I will have to see how it goes. In the first instance there should be a few bits around Minecraft as I want to publish it all here as a permanent record


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