Best way to setup your child an Xbox ID

xbox console beside wireless controllers


  1. Create a family member in your windows ID account ( )
  2. Go to the Minecraft app and try to login with your child’s windows ID
  3. Go through the process of authorising the account as instructed (if you run into problems once the account is authorised, try and login at as you may need to unblock the account via an SMS code)
  4. Go back to the phone/tablet and try to sign in under their account again
  5. You will need to choose them a Xbox Gamer Tag, I would recommend something that doesn’t directly relate back to them
  6. Once that is done you may want to login to as their account and change things like their gamerpic


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  1. […] If you don’t have a login, you will need to sign up for one. If you are logging in for your child then check out an overview of the process here. […]

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